Penny Pulz Personal story about my last Panic Attack

October 30th, 2010 I wrote this personal story of my last Panic Attack. As of today November 12, 2012 I haven’t had a migraine or panic attack since that day. Sweet.

I have suffered from migraines and panic attacks during my playing days and since leaving the LPGA golf tour in 1992. Today I teach Mental Athletics.  I am able to quell a migraine or panic attack  before it overtakes my day. When I feel the panic attack looming I immediately go and do a dissolving pain exercise and all is well.

Last week I went to Dallas for  5 days of exciting business and fun.  This was the first time since practicing Mental Athletics that I was under a lot of mental pressure to learn and listen away from my usual mental routines that keep me grounded.
I crashed on day 6 on our way home from Dallas. I had a huge Panic Attack on the plane. I thought I was having a heart attack and going to die…

Why did that happen? Simple.

I didn’t check into myself and see how I was paying attention to my focus styles. My body was getting more and more wound up until I felt like a walking nerve ending. Naturally my body shut down and I collapsed.

The morning we were leaving form Dallas to come home I did a dissolving pain exercise. Wasn’t feeling to good. I was overreacting to everything. That is usually a warning sign for me to slow down and take a break. I realized after the exercise as I was walking down the stairs that my legs were very heavy and tight. I was shocked at how much tension was wrapped like cellophane around my body.  It was great that I had FINALLY identified the lack of attention to my physical state but unfortuntately my body was so hyped that one exercise barely scratched the surface. After takeoff my body took over and said enough is enough. ‘You don’t want to listen to you body then I (my body) will make you listen…. Bye Bye Pen for 48 hrs of recovery, sleep and  ’easy it does it mode’.

I am grateful that my recovery was quick. I taught a couple of golf lessons in 2 days and hit a few balls. Feel great today, humbled from my experience but am so thankful that I have a solution to my biggest physical scaryies, Migraines and Panic Attacks. Thankyou Dr Fehmi for teaching me Open Focus™

Lessons Learned the hard way….

1. Practice Mental Athletics everyday, and double the practice when in a new situation

2. It doesn’t matter how long you have been practicing Mental Athletics;  if you don’t do it WHEN NEEDED your old habits of gripping narrow focus will get ya…. everytime

3. You are NEVER cured, but you can also NEVER have another panic attack or migraine again.

Go to for more info on how you can let go of your Panic attacks or Mirgraines

2012. Update. Haven’t had a migraine or panic attack…… since October 30th 2010

How to fix panic attacks.

PGA golfer Charlie Beljan hospitalized after shooting 64. He had a strong Panic attack. As a former LPGA tour player I suffered from panic attacks and migraines for 12 years. Today I am pain and panic attack free. I found the book Open Focus and thanks to Dr Fehmi’s work I now am a trainer of his technique to dissolve problems like panic attacks, migraines. I teach Mental Athletics that fixes the fits…. and no drugs.. yeah!!! Practice, practice,practice mental athletics just like you practice your golf swings.

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